Who we are

The Voice cLoud is an arts organisation committed to promoting the role and positive impact of the creative arts and music across society. This commitment has enabled us to work within health and care settings, as well as heritage and digital environments, and continues through a range of in-house initiatives and partnered endeavours and collaborations.

The Voice cLoud began in 2013. Two Voice cLoud directors were contacted by a Local Authority to see if they could assist a Community Need using music as a tool to bring people together.

That project went from strength to strength (and still enjoys a very popular turnout) and was replicated with great success in neighbouring communities. Soon, other projects were established, addressing further Community Needs, using other creative skills such as song composition, story telling and visual arts.

The Voice cLoud delivers initiatives across Waveney, wider Suffolk and the internet to bring people together through music, the arts, heritage and culture.

Our directors are: Stephen Amer, Paul Amer, Richard Simpson, Karen Read, Damien Ainslie and Stephen Clark and we are very privileged to have a ‘Community of Interest’. This guiding hand is representative of the communities we work within, and the stakeholders we work with, and is comprised of a diverse range of local individuals from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.

We operate through a range of ways – money generated through sales of goods and services, donations (to make a donation, please use our PayPal Me link), grant funding and private workshops.